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The Religion Islam

What is a Religion?

There are many definitions for the term "religion" in common usage Religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Religion is a unique force in society. It motivates individuals to differentiate between good and evil. Religion has the capability to generate unselfish love in some people, and vicious, raw hatred in others.

The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or belief system, but it is more than private belief and has a public aspect. Most religions have organized behaviors, congregations for prayer, priestly hierarchies, holy places and scriptures.

"Religion is any specific system of belief about deity, often involving rituals, a code of ethics, and a philosophy of life."

World religions:

There are many, long established, major world religions, each with over three million followers.

Some of the popular religions of the world as here:






Baha'i Faith






What is Islam?

Islam comes from an Arabic root word meaning "peace" which is often interpreted as meaning "peace." However "submission" would be a better translation. Islam teaches that one can only find peace in one's life by submitting to Almighty Allah in heart, soul and deed.

Islam is a major world religion founded in Arabia. Based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), one who practices Islam is called a Muslim. A practicing Muslim follows the teachings from the Qu’ran. It is the written revelation from Allah to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The Muslim population is estimated at more than 1 billion covering many different areas of the world. It is most common in Africa, the Middle East, and sections of Asia and Europe. There are 6 million Muslims in the United States alone.

Origin of Islam

Most religious historians view Islam as having been founded in 622 CE by Muhammad PBUH the Prophet (peace be upon him).

However, many if not most of the followers of Islam believe that:

Islam existed before Muhammad (PBUH) was born,

The origins of Islam date back to the creation of the world, and

Muhammad (PBUH) was the last and by far the greatest of a series of Prophets.



1.Qutab-e-Wahdat Hazrat Professor Bagh Hussain Kamal
2.Hazrat Sakhi Saidan Shah Sherazi - Choa Saidan Shah
3.Hazrat Maula Bakhsh - nearby city: Choa Saidan Shah
4.Hazrat Baba Syed Mamoor Shah - between Chak Khushi and Choa Saidan Shah
5.Hazrat Baba Gali Wala - Khokar Baba Road - between Chak Khushi and Choa Saidan Shah
6.Hazrat Khawaja Ahmed Nabi, Chura Shareef (near Attock)
7.Hazrat Peer Hyder Shah, Chura Shareef (near Attock)
8.Hazrat Peer Maulana Mohammad Yaqub Sahib, Baghar Shareef, Tehsil Kahuta 
9.Hazrat Sain Noor Khan Baba near Fateh Jang, Punjab   
10.Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid, Mithankot
11.Hazrat Syed Mian Hussain Shah Hashmi, Mianwali Tehsil Isa Khail
12.Hazrat Shah Muzzaffar, Kalabagh
13.Hazrat Syed Ghulam Abbas, Kalibair
14.Hazrat Syed Noor Ahmad Shah, Ranwala
15.Baba Nolakh Hazari, Shah Kot (Kirana Hills)   
16.Hazrat Pir Sahib, Bharoki Virkan
17.Hazrat Baba Gee Shah Abdullah, Tamboli
18.Hazrat Khwaja Sahib, Khairpur, Punjab  
19.Hazrat Ghazi Peer, Chak 137R, near Harrapa, Punjab
20.Hazrat Nosha Ganj Baksh, Ranmal (closest city: Wazirabad), Punjab
21.Hazrat Peer Haji Syed Qamer Shah Bukhari, Rasheed Pur
22.Hazrat Baba Pholey Shah Badshah, Chak Ghaian
23.Unknown Mazar at Pakhwal (Kalayday Shareef)  
24.Hazrat Kanwan Wali Sarkar, Amirwala (closest city: Mianwali), Punjab
25.Hazrat Baba Sooban Sain - Muridwala, Punjab
26.Hazrat Baba Haji Sher - Chak 317 - closer to Burewala, Punjab  

27.Hazrat Khawaja Shah Suleman Taunsvi, Taunsa, Punjab
28.Qalander-e-Azam Hazrat Muhammad Bashir Ahmed Al-Awaisi Sarkar, Qaboola (near Arifwala), Punjab
29.Hazrat Khushi Muhammad, Dijkot, Punjab
30.Hazrat Sher Shah, Dijkot, Punjab
31.Hazrat Nawaz Hussain Shah Sahib, Dijkot, Punjab
32.Hazrat Jhooley Laal, Model Town, Gujranwala, Punjab
33.Hazrat Mian Gee Inayat Ali, Adha, near Gujrat
34.Hazrat Sufi Rehmat, Nunanwali
35.Hazrat Al-Haaj Hafiz Muhammad Shareef, Masoomabad Shareef, Chak Jani
36.Hazrat Syed Masoom Hussian Shah aka Baba Tibba, Attowala, near Awana
37.Unknown Mazar at Nawan Pind (between Faisalabad and Dijkot), Punjab  
38.Hazrat Baba Kamil Shah, near Choa Saidan Shah, Punjab   
39.Hazrat Khowja Sahib, Basti Faujian, near Bahawalpur, Punjab   
40.Unknown Mazar at Chak 164-A9L, near Sheikh Afzal   
41.Unknown Mazar at Near Sappanwala Dera, Noinke, Gujranwala   
42.Hazrat Ghulam Muhammad Chishti Sabri, Chack Pero, Gujranwala   
43.Hazrat Sakhi Sabzwaari, Kahuta 44. Hazrat Khawaja Maulvi Ahmed Deen Chishti, Makhad Shareef, Attock
44. Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Arshaad Hussain Shah Noori, Saboor Shareef, Attock 

1.Hazrat Landa Baba, Sirikot near Tarbela Dam, NWFP   
2.Hazrat Shah Naqshbandi aka Zinda Peer, Ghamkol Shareef, near Kohat, NWFP
3. Hazrat Sheikh Rehemkar aka Kaka Sahib, Noshehra
4. Hazrat Mazhar Hussain Shah Qadri Mehri, Abbottabad towards Nathiagali


1.Hazrat Ban Saieen, Dadyal, AJK
2.Hazrat Peer Plak, near Dadyal, AJK
3.Hazrat Sai Sakhi, Kaladab
4. Hazrat Khawaja Sultan Peer Ghulam Muhayuudin
5. Hazrat Saeen Muhammad Akbar, Fakeerabad


1.Hazrat Makhdum Bilawal, Goth Makhdum Sahib, Sindh
2.Hazrat Pir Syed Ahmed Shah Ghazi Jillani, Ranipur, Sindh   [Qaber Shareef]
3.Hazrat Samundari Baba, Goth Abdul Rahman
4.Hazrat Al-Makhdoom Syed Fazal Hussain Shah Gillani, Sanghar
5.Hazrat Fakeer Haji Bisham Barohi, Goth Haji Bisham
6.Hazrat Kashti Walay Baba, Marli Hills, near Thatha
7.Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi, Marli Hills, near Thatha
8.Hazrat Syed Abdul Rahman Baba, Samoni
9.Hazrat Shah Murad Sherazi, Samoni
10.Hazrat Noori Jam Tamachi, in the middle of Kinjhar Lake
11.Hazrat Lashkar Shah Khurasi, Goth Adal, near Tandu Adam
12.Hazrat Fakeer Ghulam Hyder, Khori, near Tandu Mitha Khan
13.Hazrat Laki Shah Sadar, Laki, between Abad and Sehwen
14.Hazrat Qadir Bakhsh aka Baba Kandu Fakir, Jhol
15.Hazrat Syed Ali Shah, Kameji
16.Hazrat Dharmon Fakeer, Goth Haji Sulaiman
17.Hazrat Ghazi Ghulam Haider Rafeequi, Khori
18.Hazrat Syed Sakhi Saadi Mosati, Nawa Goth
19.Hazrat Pir Sain Rashid Roze Dhani, Pir Jo Goth   [Qaber Shareef]
20.Hazrat Qibla Syed Gul Muhammad Shah Bukhari, Hussainabad Sharif Kamber, Sujawal
21.Hazrat Syed Sakhi Jamil Shah Datar Gurnari, Pir Patho
22.Hazrat Khwaja Allah Bakhsh
23.Hazrat Ali Bakhsh aka Allan Fakir, Housing society Jamshoro   


1.Hazrat Khidhar Zinda Peer, Astola Island in Arabian Sea (40 kilometers offshore)
2.Hazrat Bano Nammer, Pishukan Beach, between Gwader and Pasni
3.Hazrat Makhdoom Nooh, Hala, near Bhit Shah